Mud, mud, mud


Last week I talked about snow and how this affects farmers. Well now here in Midwest Missouri the snow is starting to melt, and the newest conflict is going to be mud, and a lot of it. This morning I went out to go check all the cattle with my dad and grandma, and it was quite a ride. There is mud everywhere, and where there isn’t, there is still a bunch of snow. Mud is a problem for many different reasons. First of all, it makes it very difficult to get around. When we go out in the pastures to check the calves, we have to really fight to get through all the mud in order to do that, especially around the hay bell rings. Not only is it muddy in the pastures, but people everywhere are fighting it on the back roads that they live on.
One of the bad parts of mud that connects with the traveling in the pastures is how much it can tear a pasture up. Going through with the trucks leaves a lot of tracks and ruts in the pastures, so that when everything dries up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. This damage we do is completely necessary though. We have to check the calves and check for new babies. We also need to go through the pastures to feed them hay. We have to feed more hay during this time to make up for what they waste, whether it’s because the hay is just getting muddy, or they aren’t eating it because they are laying on it. We lay it out so that the cattle can have a dry spot for them and their babies to lie.
Even though mud can be a mess, there is a positive side to it. Having all of this mud means there is a lot of moisture, and moisture is definitely something that this area needs. So even though it can make things a little difficult at times, it was good to see a good snow for that purpose.


About akm17

My name is Alex Morris, and I am from a small, rural town in Missouri called Ballard. I grew up on a row crop and cow/calf operation. I have always loved the farm life, and I have always been very active around our farm. Now, for the first time, I have been away from where I grew up and am experiencing college. It is always good to go back home to the farm, and I try to make it there as often as I can. It’s my favorite place to be. Being away has only made me appreciate agriculture more. Here, at Missouri State University, I am majoring in Agricultural Communications and I plan to have an emphasis in graphic design. My goal is to be an advocate of agriculture. The way I am going to start “spreading the word” of agriculture is through this blog. I plan to share the issues I may come across, things I find in the social media, or topics that we disucuss in my Relations in Agriculture class or any of my other classes. I will also share stories straight off of my farm. I will talk a little about what goes on around there, and post pictures whenever I can, because they are worth a thousand words that don’t have to be typed. I love to take pictures and to tell good stories. Sometimes I may even talk about life in general if I come across something that needs to be shared. Overall, I am a very stong believer in agriculture. It’s where my heart is, and I want to make people aware of what is going on out there, and bring things to their notice they may not be aware of. I believe that is my job as an agriculture advocate, and this blog is just where I am starting out.
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